Alohi estate wedding

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With its own private driveway a mile long, Alohi Estate is the perfect venue if you plan on having a small intimate micro wedding with some of your closest family and friends. Though this venue can fit quite a few people in reality, we don't recommend for larger weddings due to parking. Though if you are set on this gorgeous Hawaii estate, be sure to have guests carpool or hire a car service to bring them from a local parking lot to the venue!

Now the question we were originally asking is, why get married at an estate as opposed to a wedding venue? Cost is a main factor that comes into play. When you choose to go with a wedding venue, you are usually choosing their package deals. Although we say "deals" it's usually not this. You agree to their chef, florist, planner, and sometimes their photographer. This isn't a bad thing, it's easy and you have the opportunity to pick and choose which vendors out of their list you want to keep and which you want to insist on bringing in yourself (like photographer). But sometimes you can't. Usually food is a main aspect in which you cannot bring in your own catering. 

If you choose to host your Oahu wedding at an estate, you have complete flexibility. You can rent additional homes in the area for guests to stay in, you choose which catering service you want and can go with a something inexpensive or lavish and over the top. You do the research on all of the vendors you'd like to include or leave out on your big day. Everything is your decision which is perfect for the OCD bride or groom. I chose to go with a wedding venue where everything was my choice! The location was only bare bones and I got to fill it with everything I love most. 

There are no right answers. Either one can end up being more or less expensive depending on which way you spin it. The question is, do you want the easy way or the customizable way?

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