A French-Inspired Garden Affair at Twin Oaks in Southern California

December 19, 2023

Introduction: Embark on the enchanting love story of Ali and Josh, as they craft a narrative of vibrant inspiration, lush greenery, and timeless elegance during their wedding day at Twin Oaks in Southern California. Ali unveils the distinctive details and thoughtful choices that rendered their celebration truly exceptional.

The Vision: Ali envisioned a celebration that embraced the vivid, romantic hues of spring, interwoven with rich terracotta and rust tones to capture the warmth of fall. The result was a harmonious blend of seasonal colors that set the stage for an unforgettable day.

Choosing Twin Oaks: For Ali and Josh, selecting the venue was a pivotal decision. Their exploration led them to Twin Oaks, a verdant haven with captivating archways adorned with string lights. The natural flow and abundance of charming spaces made it the perfect backdrop for their dreamy celebration.

The Dress: Radiating grace and sophistication, Ali recounts discovering her dream gown – a perfect fusion of structured lace on top and smooth crepe below. The gown encapsulated the classic, timeless aesthetic she sought.

Bridal Party Styling: Prioritizing individual comfort and style, Ali encouraged her bridal party to choose dresses they loved within a defined color palette. The result was a diverse yet cohesive ensemble that reflected each person’s unique taste.

Floral and Décor Highlights: Opting for simple, romantic floral arrangements, Ali and Josh let the beauty of each bloom shine. Ikebana-style table arrangements, complemented by gold accents, added an elegant touch to the decor.

Favorite Design Element: A confessed flower enthusiast, Ali’s favorite design element was the abundance of blooms. Despite budget constraints, the floral arrangements remained a highlight, infusing the celebration with natural beauty.

Design Tips for Couples: Ali’s advice is to keep it simple. Prioritize the design elements that matter most to you and allow them to shine, steering clear of unnecessary stress and distractions.

DIY Moments: Ali and her mom added a personal touch by designing all printed elements, from table numbers to menus and the seating chart. Her mom’s artistic flair also graced canvases used for the seating chart and various signs.

The Love Story: A Bumble success story, Ali and Josh’s connection blossomed over a memorable first date that extended to six hours. Josh orchestrated a birthday scavenger hunt turned proposal, culminating in a special spot by the water. The engagement seamlessly transitioned into a beachside celebration with family and friends.

Dive into Ali and Josh’s romantic journey, drawing inspiration from their love story, thoughtful decisions, and the magical ambiance of their French-inspired garden wedding at Twin Oaks in Southern California.

Florist – Region Designs Studio

Wedding Venue Coordinator – Amy Hayashi

Venue – Twin Oaks

Video – Sarah and Brent

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