Navigating Wedding Photography Styles: Crafting Timeless Memories

May 15, 2024

What are wedding photography styles?

Throughout this blog post, we’ll explore a selection of popular photography styles. While we’ll cover several common styles, it’s important to note that the world of photography is vast, with numerous niche categories waiting to be discovered. While we regularly incorporate these styles into our work, there’s always room for exploration and innovation. One notable style we won’t delve into here is the light and airy aesthetic. Although it’s a prevalent choice among many, we’ve opted not to offer this style in our repertoire. Regardless of the style you’re drawn to, gaining an understanding of these different approaches is an essential starting point in your search.

Editorial Photography Style: Editorial photography is characterized by its sophisticated and fashion-forward approach, often drawing inspiration from high-end fashion magazines. This style is known for its meticulously curated poses and impeccable aesthetics. This aims to elevate the visual narrative of a wedding to resemble a couture magazine spread. Couples who gravitate towards editorial photography seek to capture their nuptials in a glamorous and stylish manner, with an emphasis on striking poses and luxurious settings. Through careful attention to detail and a keen eye for aesthetics, editorial photographers create images that exude sophistication and elegance. These photos often look “magazine-esque.”

These photos usually involve less smiles, direct eye contact, and fierce looks. The editing is more refined and intentional to balance perfection with relatability.

Note: You don’t have to choose just one style! We incorporate multiple styles of photography throughout the day that resonate with our couples and properly tell their stories. The best way to gauge if you are happy with a photography style is by looking at full galleries. View ours here: portfolio.

Black and White Style: With its timeless appeal, black and white photography evokes a sense of nostalgia and refinement, elevating emotions and textures to an exquisite level of elegance. We sprinkle black and white photos into each gallery, but we’ve had requests for full wedding galleries in black and white! If this is the style you’re drawn to, be sure to request additional early on to avoid incurring additional editing fees later down the line.

Contemporary Style: Embracing the pulse of modernity, contemporary wedding photography infuses innovative angles, lighting techniques, and editing styles, crafting a fresh, artistic narrative for the discerning couple. These images often feel very in the moment and unintentionally effortless. There is an artistic balance to this style of photography.

Contemporary Style: Embracing the pulse of modernity, contemporary wedding photography infuses innovative angles, lighting techniques, and editing styles, crafting a fresh, artistic narrative for the discerning couple. These images often feel very in the moment and unintentionally effortless. There is an artistic balance to this style of photography.

Dark and Moody Style: For those captivated by the interplay of drama and romance, dark and moody photography sets the stage with its rich, contrasting tones, imbuing images with profound depth and emotion.

Fine Art Style: A testament to visual poetry, fine art wedding photography meticulously crafts images with artistic compositions, soft lighting, and an unwavering devotion to detail, resulting in visual masterpieces. Fine art style is generalized to encompass the artistry in photographs. I personally love sprinkling in fine art photographs throughout the day in a non-invasive and prioritized way. Is the shot artistic enough to pause, style and capture? Will it disrupt the flow of the day to do so?

To share a favorite example, this lawn furniture by Aloha Artisans was beautiful but bare. We hustled to utilize the wedding centerpieces by carrying each one over to drape the furniture in florals. While it was quite a bit of work, the result was very worth it!

Documentary/Photojournalism Wedding Photography Style: Candid and authentic, documentary or photojournalistic style captures the raw, unscripted moments of a wedding day, weaving together a narrative that unfolds naturally and resonates with sincerity. For these moments, I love slowing down the shutter or allowing my ambient light to shine through to capture the feeling. They might not be the highest quality or most “technically correct” but that’s what really sets them apart. These images make you feel like you’re really there living the feeling all over again.

Documentary/Photojournalism Wedding Photography Style

Traditional Style: Anchored in tradition and timelessness, traditional wedding photography honors the essence of posed portraits and formal group shots, preserving cherished moments for generations to come. When all else fails, classic and flattering angles win.

True to Color Style: Reflecting the genuine essence of the day, true to color photography endeavors to capture images with accuracy and authenticity, eschewing heavy editing or filters in favor of preserving the purity of each moment.

Film Wedding Photography Style: Infused with a nostalgic charm, film photography imparts an organic allure to wedding images, with its soft colors and subtle grain reminiscent of bygone eras and vintage cameras. I plan to write an entire post documenting my film journey, but for now here are a handful of intentional film images from weddings!

Canon 1V – 35mm + Portra

Mamiya 645 AFD II – 120mm + Portra

While there are more niche categories, these are the wedding photography styles you will most likely run across. Now, as you look through photographers’ portfolios, here’s how to discern these styles:

Look for Consistency: Seek out a cohesive aesthetic that resonates with your vision, ensuring the photographer consistently produces images aligned with your desired style.

Examine Lighting and Composition: Take note of the photographer’s adeptness in manipulating light and composition to evoke mood and ambiance, demonstrating proficiency in capturing both natural and artificial light in diverse settings.

Study Editing Techniques: Observe the photographer’s editing style, whether it leans towards vibrant hues or muted tones, and ascertain whether their edits exude a polished finesse or embrace a more avant-garde, artistic approach.

Consider Your Personal Preferences: Ultimately, the choice of photography style hinges on personal preference. Select a photographer whose work resonates with your sensibilities and encapsulates the essence of your envisioned celebration.

Selecting Your Wedding Photography Style

Should you find yourself torn between styles or yearning for a hybrid approach, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer. A seasoned photographer will be able adapt their shooting style to accommodate your wishes, ensuring your wedding day is immortalized precisely as you envision. They may also offer recommendations for other photographers who better align with your desired aesthetic if necessary. Remember, open communication is key to achieving the perfect outcome, so don’t shy away from expressing your desires with your photographer. In our photography journey, we’ve discovered that no two couples are alike. Each pair brings their own style, vibe, and energy to their special day. That’s why we love to mix and match elements from different styles to create something truly unique and personal. Whether it’s a whimsical outdoor affair, a classic indoor celebration, or anything in between, we’re all about capturing the essence of our couples’ love stories.

So, when it comes to curating their gallery, we’re always thinking on our feet, ensuring that every photo reflects their one-of-a-kind love story in the most authentic way possible. It’s all about creating memories that feel as special and individual as each couple. Choosing the right photography style like embarking on a journey to capture the heart and soul of your big day. It’s about more than just pretty pictures—it’s about finding a style that resonates with you and tells your unique love story in all its glory. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless charm of classic wedding photography or the modern edge of contemporary trends, trust your instincts and embrace the adventure. Because in the world of wedding photography, there’s a perfect style waiting to capture the magic of your union and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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