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2023 Wardrobe Guide


This is your chance to shine, and feel like the beautiful, confident and SEXY couple you are! At the end of the day, feeling comfortable and 100% like yourselves is the most important thing. But sometimes, trying to match two different styles can feel overwhelming and daunting. That's where this guide comes into play. Everything listed should be taken as suggestions and if you have any styling questions, please contact us to discuss further!

All of the wardrobe suggestions listed fit best with our photography style, and way of editing. We find them to be flattering and complimentary colors/patterns that fit well with any environment! If you have a piece of clothing you've been dying to wear and aren't sure what location it would fit best with, ask us as well! We'd love to customize this wardrobe guide experience as much as possible.

Let's get started!

01. Bring Multiple Outfits

Most couples will bring 2-3 shirts each, and a couple different pairs of pants. Since we are based out of Hawaii, our couples love changing into bathing suits towards the end of the photoshoot to splash around in the water! Anything that adds dimension and variety to the final images is a GREAT thing!

This couple is a great example of sticking on theme with different shades of blues and whites, but still switching it up for the environment. The moral of the story is bring multiple outfits and backup outfits!

BONUS: If you have a hobby you love, bring a prop to signify that and we'll work it into the images! This can be a camera, bike, surfboard, sports equipment, video games (for in home sessions), cooking, pottery, etc. 

Patterns + colors

02. Stick to Solids

If you have a patterned shirt or dress you absolutely LOVE and cannot imagine the shoot without, bring it! We can switch it up and do patterns for some, and solids for others.

Ordinarily, we do not recommend patterns. They tend to be distracting to the eye and environment. When you view an image with patterned clothing, your eyes tend to be drawn to that piece of clothing which is not our goal! We want the focus to be on your expression and emotion. Keep to small patterns only!

03. Choose Neutral Coloring

Just like patterns are distracting, bold colors can be distracting as well, and clash with the scenery! We recommend colors that are in a neutral pallet.

Although matching colors can be quite nice, we recommend complimenting tones instead. The idea is to look as effortlessly put together as possible. Some great examples of this:

Props props props

04. Props Bring Photos to Life!

We mentioned it earlier but it deserves its own section because it cannot. be. stressed. enough. Props are absolutely adorable and bring so much life to photos!

This can include bringing a pet/animal, centering your photoshoot around an entire camping trip, a boating adventure, hike, eating pizza on a picnic, having your photoshoot in home, walking the streets of Honolulu eating at food trucks, and showing the things you love to do.

There are so many ways to show who you are in a photograph and we heavily encourage it! Even if it's as simple as loving to play games/cards or setting up a blanket on the beach to watch the sunrise with champagne. Let's do it!

Locations matter

05. Keep Environment in Mind 

This couple went above and beyond with their outfit choice, and really chose colors that not only were neutral and complimentary, but also matched their environment!

Before deciding what you want to wear, think about where you'll be shooting and what is appropriate for that location.

If it's the beach, consider showing a little more skin! If there's snow, bundle up. Clothing should make sense so it doesn't draw attention away from the two of you.

In conclusion

A few more tips to keep you looking flawless at your engagement shoot:

1. Rules are meant to be broken. Contrasting patterns have looked fantastic before! If you are confident in your choice and are in love with what you've decided (even if it breaks all the rules) we support it 100%! You should feel like your beautiful, confident self the entire time.

2. Hair and makeup can be done by yourself or a professional, but make sure to feel like yourself when it's all said and done. We don't recommend hair styles that have 50 pins sticking out of it weighing you down, or makeup that you're afraid to sweat in. The more comfortable you feel moving around freely, the more comfortable your photo's will look.

3. Opt for patterns or dresses that are easy to move around in. You want to be able to run, jump, swim and have fun! Wear clothes that make you feel invincible. If you don't know what that is, that's ok! Think about what you put on that you look in the mirror and think "wow."

4. Ask questions! That's what we're here for. And we've seen a LOT so we have a great idea of what looks great and what might be more uncomfortable.

5. This is YOUR time. Your photos and your vision. If you want that gorgeous over the top dress do it!! You can absolutely rock it and if you need that little extra nudge here it is.


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