Holana Blowhole Elopement

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If you're a fan of cinema, you know this beach. It's been made famous from more than one popular movie and once you're there you instantly understand why! A short hike down to the beach and you're in a secluded cove of sand with rocks surrounding. There are cliffs people dive off of and rocks to climb and explore. It's the perfect place to set up a luxury picnic for an adventure elopement. Our beautiful couple was able to have a picnic on the beach and ended this elopement soaking wet in the water. No other way we'd want it to end! They had so much fun laughing and splashing around in the waves and these photos will last a lifetime.

If you're questioning which you value more - keeping your hair and makeup nice or having the time of your life, this is your sign. Enjoy your day. The makeup will melt off, your hair may get messed up in the wind. Embrace it and have the best day of your life! Take it from this stunning couple, it's worth it.

If you're interested in getting married at Holana Blowhole let us know! We'd love show you the area and take photos of you in this beautiful location on Oahu, Hawaii.

Holana Blowhole Elopement