I know firsthand how difficult it is to begin planning a wedding. This is coming from the perspective of a PAST BRIDE not a wedding planner! There are hundreds of little details and so many vendor options. It can be difficult to decide where to begin in the planning process. I'm here to help get you started with resources for planning!

I help couples learn

how to plan a wedding


Step 1. Decide a budget. If you haven't received our #theelplanner yet, we have a free wedding budget helper.

Step 2. Hire a wedding planner. If you are choosing DIY the wedding planning process, forego this step!

Step 3. Select your venue. All other vendors will revolve around the date your venue has available, so nail that down first.

Step 4. Hire your photographer. Dates fill up fast for photographers so they're one the most important vendors to get early.

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