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Have you ever driven through North Shore, Oahu and seen the iconic tree placed just perfectly in the middle of a majestic field of horses? Anyone who knows Oahu, knows that tree. It's an icon, full of mystery that we were able to solve with a hint of research and some very excited phone calls. As it turns out, that North Shore horse ranch is called Kawailoa Ranch, and it is also a wedding venue! New owners who purchased the property just a couple of years ago, are just now beginning to offer their incredible ranch as a wedding venue. This means you could not only snag this incredible location (at great prices by the way) but you could be one of the first. If being a trendsetter doesn't convince you, just take a look at the stunning images we captured at a Kawailoa Ranch wedding!

While we were on this gorgeous Hawaii ranch, we asked the sweet owner some additional details about hosting a wedding on the property. People have the option of getting married on the main field, which is seen from the street and has that tree right in the middle, or a field off to the side! There are multiple field options for the ceremony and reception, and they are currently in the process of building an exposed barn that will be set aside for ceremony's. The location they placing this new build is stunning, perched up on the hill overlooking the rest of the ranch. 

Have we convinced you that you need a Hawaii horse wedding? Not yet? Well we've got one last pitch for you. The great thing about this location is that you can entirely make it your own. Of course, you'll be in a field with overgrown grass (if you choose to not have them fresh cut it) and horses surrounding you, so it's bound to be a little rustic. But imagine the florals that can be brought in to transform the property. The luxury furniture, the ceremony arch, runner and chivari chairs. There are endless possibilities to what you can do to make this yours. And yes, horses will be frolicking in the background of your wedding pictures. If you sign a waver, you may even get to ride them!

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North Shore Horse Ranch, Oahu Wedding