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Stunning. It's the only word to say about Ko Olina Chapel Place of Joy. Nestled by some of the best West Side Oahu hotels, this Oahu wedding chapel has ample parking in the area, easy access to hotels where guests may be staying, and front beach access! On top of that, the architecture is stunning. Don't believe us? Search google for the wedding venue and see what pops up. It will blow you away the floor to ceiling windows and interesting shapes that make up this chapel.

Dehenich and Yoko had such a beautiful intimate wedding in this chapel, surrounded by family and friends. The great part is there's a small reception hall attached to the chapel if you'd like to keep your entire wedding in one place.

Ko Olina Chapel Place of Joy offers all-inclusive wedding packages. This means, photographer as well. Now we are total fans of all inclusive but not when it comes to photography, makeup or videography! These things are so personal and need to be decided by the wedding couple. Yes, it may seem convenient, but what if you don't love their work? What if their personality doesn't match yours? What if their posing is tired and stiff and they never make you laugh, so you're dreading photo hour? That's not what we want at all. We want every single moment of your wedding day to be remembered as a genuine moment of happiness. That you look at a photo and think, "I remember that" with a smile. That's what we want.

Our couple negotiated with the venue to bring in their own photographer (us) and they said it was the best decision they'd made. Even though the venue tried to push their photographer, our couple pushed back and insisted on bringing us in. 

We are so grateful for the opportunity to shoot at this Oahu wedding venue and can't wait to go back!

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