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If you just got engaged in Hawaii, you're on the right page for an Oahu engagement photographer. If you got engaged elsewhere, you are also in the right place! Skip down to destination engagement photographer. Engagement photos are one of the first things couples look for after someone's popped the question, and they are a big deal! It's not just a few photographs that'll be snapped in order to signify your love, it's a time capsule. These are the images that will be splashed across social media, used on save the dates and invitations, and looked back on as the pictures you reference when someone asks for a picture of the two of you. These pictures matter just like your wedding photos will! This is why, choosing the right photographer for your engagement photos is so important. We cannot stress this enough - use the photographer you plan to use for your wedding for your engagement photos. I'll say it again for people in the back.

Use the photographer you plan to use for your wedding for your engagement photos.

Why is this the single most important thing you'll read on our website? Because it sets the tone for the rest of your wedding. This is the first step, and first large purchase you'll make investing in your wedding. If you take engagement photos and they're not the style or experience you were looking for, there's always time to find another engagement photographer. But if you choose a wedding photographer you didn't work with on your engagement photos, you have no idea what you'll be getting. All you've seen are their pretty pictures but do you know how they'll work with others on the day? Or how they handle stressful situations? We implore you to use the same photographer for both, test out their work and make sure you absolutely love the time spent with them. Because there will be a lot of time spent with that person on the wedding day.

Being an engagement photographer in Oahu is so rewarding because my job is to literally capture love. How incredible is that? I love watching couples go through their journey of first getting engaged to the wedding day, and how emotional and passionate that journey is. Keep reading for more information on booking engagement photography with Theel Productions!

Oahu Engagement Photographer

Destination Engagement Photography

This is where we really start to have fun. There are so many couples that have a special place somewhere in the world. A spot that signifies a first trip, a first kiss, meeting, or even an engagement. You may love this location, but there's no way all your family and friends will be able to fly out for a wedding there and having them at your big day is more important than where it's being held. That's where we help you find the perfect solution. Engagement photos at this location! 

This may seem expensive, you're not wrong. Flights to foreign countries will run you far more than a typical Oahu engagement photoshoot. But if you have this in mind, reach out to us before writing it off. We bundle wedding and engagement packages and find wiggle room wherever possible to get you the photos of your dream. If it's on our list of places we've been dying to see? Even better! Maybe we'll extend the trip and make a vacation out of it saving you some money along the way. 

All we're saying is, if you're dying to have a destination engagement photographer, talk to us before you write it off. You may be surprised and get the photos of your dreams in the south of France or Tuscany.

What is the Average Cost of Engagement Photography in Hawaii?

The age old question, how much is this going to cost me? And it's a good question when there are $50 engagement photographers, and $2000 engagement photographers! The average cost of engagement photographers in Hawaii is $650. The photoshoot usually lasts around 2-hours with the option of one or two locations and one or two outfit changes. This price point varies greatly depending on the skill, portfolio, and quality of the photographer. But what does all this mean? 

When you invest in your photographer, you're investing in your photos. I promise that nobody who charges $50 or $100 for a photo session is making enough to run a legal business. If you take into account the cost of equipment, photo editing software, liability insurance, lawyer fees for contract drafting, taxes and more, their photography business would be in the red. And this affects you! You want someone who is reliable, a long-term business owner, someone who has gone through the messy bits of business and come out stronger for it. Someone who has it together. What price point will you find these photographers at? It just depends. But let's put it this way. If it seems too good to be true - it usually is.

Our engagement photography in Oahu rates begin at $550. To view our full pricing and packages, view our pricing guide above or via the navigation menu. This includes up to two hours of Oahu engagement photography (neighboring islands pricing may vary slightly if not bundled with a wedding package, and destination engagement photos depend on the location selected) two outfit choices which we help you curate, a minimum of 50 pictures edited and delivered, a heavy discount on retouching packages, and up to two locations within a 10 mile radius. 

If you have any questions regarding the reasoning behind cost, details to the packages, specific locations or ideas, contact us! We'd love to walk you through the booking process and make sure we're the perfect fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become comfortable in front of the camera?

Absolutely! Over 50% of our brides are from out of state and we have so much fun helping them plan from a distance. We'd still love to meet you, even if you live outside of Hawaii, so send us an inquiry and let's set up a phone or video call!

How long is an engagement photoshoot?

Yes and no. Our packages for destination wedding photography remain the same, but there are additional fees for airfare and hotel. We are extremely flexible on destination wedding pricing because of our love for traveling. Especially at this time before having children, we'd like to travel as much as possible and our discounts reflect that! Reach out if you're getting married somewhere in the United States or out of country! We'd love to work together and get to know your vision.

How many images will we receive from our engagement photoshoot?

We do not recommend it, and it's not solely for selfish reasons. When hiring a wedding photographer from another country, you are not only risking a language barrier that could complicate plans, expectations and legal issues, but you are committing to a time difference that could make communication difficult as well! When hiring us, you're not only gaining our services but our friendship, care, and genuine involvement. As much or as little as you need our opinions, someone to gush over wedding details when everyone else is sick of hearing about it, or just to vent about the stress of wedding planning. We're here.

I want unique engagement photos but I want the coloring to be lighter. Do you do that?

Our style is what we've mastered, and as much as we love the light and airy film look, we stick to what we know best. We love the deep, romantic, passionate coloring our photos reflect. If you need recommendations for lighter photographers we're happy to give them! We know so many incredible women in Hawaii who give that exact look.

Educational Materials

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Pricing Guide and

Lifestyle Engagement Photographer

Our style of engagement photography varies slightly from our wedding photography. We still love genuine moments, authenticity, placed posing and getting those "Pinterest" worthy images, but we love doing it in a way that's unique and unlike most other engagement sessions. The beach has been done before so if we're going to do it for your engagement session, we prefer taking photos of you two laying in the sand, splashing in the water, kissing while floating in the crystal clear Hawaii ocean. Or taking it off the sand and bringing your surfboard, paddleboard, renting a catamaran or sailboat. We want your photos to exude the excitement you feel in actually starting your life together. And what better way to signify the start of your life than to show your life.

Some of our favorite lifestyle engagement ideas are pottery, in home sessions, with an old van at a lookout point, any type of boat (we're a sucker for boats) walking the streets of Honolulu or Waikiki depending on your style, biking by the beach, or going on a hike and exploring new places! No matter what it is, how unique your hobbies are or where in the world they take place, we want to capture them.