West Side Oahu Beach Wedding

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Simplistic elopements on the beaches of Oahu create some of the most beautiful and intimate imagery. Kacie and Sam were able to explore one of our favorite beaches on island! A little less known beach up the west coast of Oahu, Hawaii. One of our main tips is not to choose a cliché beach for your wedding. There are so many beautiful, smaller beaches that local photographers know of and can recommend. It's important to note that most photographers who live on Oahu are very protective of the lands and stray away from geo-tagging locations. The best way to find beautiful, remote spots, is to hire a local photographer that appreciates and respects the culture and lands! From getting the necessary permits to having insider knowledge of the perfect spots, if you're hiring a wedding photographer in Hawaii be sure to find one that understands the islands!

Getting married on rocky sands not only adds an extra element of depth and texture for photos, but it livens the colors! Notice how the sun bounces off the rocks creating these beautiful hues of brown. Any addition to photos that will make them stand out from regular photos are really what make the difference. Could not recommend rocky beaches more!

West Side Oahu Beach Wedding