10 Best Wedding Guest Dresses 2021

September 21, 2021

We created this list of the 10 best wedding guest dresses for 2021 for anyone who is attending a wedding and unsure of what to wear! We’ve all been there. These websites have tons of unique wedding dresses so we recommend shopping around for the right choice. We’ll go through some of the best tips for what to wear when attending a wedding but if you’re already a pro and would like to see our top picks –

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What’s the appropriate attire for a wedding guest?

When attending a wedding, there are a few main rules to follow, and some methods for determining everything else! The cardinal sin of attending a wedding as a guest is wearing white. Never choose a white dress, even one with small patterns on it. In recent years there have been an influx of stunning prom and evening gowns that are tan, beige, off white, etc. We highly suggest not wearing anything that remotely resembles a wedding gown. Many brides are opting for wedding dresses with much more color in them, so to not risk being close to the bride’s color of dress, just stay far away from any light neutrals. The next questions you’ll want to start asking are:

1. What is the location?

The type of dress worn to a beach wedding is usually vastly different than a wedding gown worn to a private estate. Wait until you receive the invite to determine the location, and go from there!

2. What does the invitation say?

If the invitation says semi-formal, then you’ll want a knee length or tea length dress. Church is a good example of a location where people usually wear semi-formal. If the wedding is formal, assume it is somewhere between semi-formal and black tie event. You’ll need a floor length gown with nicer fabric.

3. What is the season?

The color dress you’ll wear in summer will likely be much different than winter, so look at the time of year and determine what colors will fit well with the weather.

And finally, drum roll please!

Top picks for best wedding guest dresses of 2021!

  1. A-Line Scoop Neck Knee-Length Chiffon Cocktail Dress
JJ's House Blue Dress for wedding guest
$73.00 – JJ’s House

2. Romantically Speaking Mustard Yellow Cowl Lace-Up Maxi Dress

Yellow dress maxi
$88 – Lulus

3. Loved By You Black Pleated Chiffon Maxi Dress

black maxi midi dress
$88 – Lulus

4. Cali Satin Charmeuse Midi Dress

Satin ankle length formal dress
$168 – BHLDN

5. Draped One-Shoulder Gown Calvin Klein

black chic dresss
$199 – Calvin Klein

6. Romance Elegance Slate Blue Off-the-Shoulder Maxi Dress

blue floor length formal dress
$88 – Lulus

7. Leila Satin Charmeuse Maxi Dress

blue floor length formal dress short sleeve
$248 – BHLDN

8.  Pleated Twist Back Cap Sleeve Maxi Dress

cotton semi formal beach dress
$54 – ASOS

9. Halter Maxi Dress

red halter strap dress
$198 – Banana Republic

10. Kaia Strapless High Slip Formal Dress

black strapless dress
$54.90 – Windsor

Want to see more? View our Wedding Gallery for inspiration!

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