Katie + Mitchell Crouching Lion Elopement

January 12, 2021

Having a crouching lion elopement is a beautiful idea, but there are some things to be aware of before deciding upon this location! I’m so excited to show Katie and Mitchell’s beautiful elopement and tell you all about the experience!

Crouching Lion Mountain Elopement

The hike to Crouching Lion elopement is only .2 miles long, which should be easy, right? Not quite. I’m not going to sugar coat it, this hike is hard. It’s .2 miles of climbing straight uphill. Thankfully there are plenty of foot spots and branches to grab to hoist yourself up the hill, but that doesn’t make it any less hard on the calves!

As someone who is not in shape, and does not hike often, I did have to stop a few times and was breathing as though I was dying. But I made it! And if I can make it, you can also make it. The important thing is stopping along the way to enjoy the view and making sure to hydrate. And let me tell you:


It really is. One of the most beautiful views I have ever seen, getting to the top is a different kind of rewarding. If you’re considering a Crouching Lion elopement, check out the photos we captured up there and just do it! Oh, and bring bug spray.

The Crouching Lion Elopement Experience:

Our gorgeous bride and groom stuck their dress clothes in backpacks and changed right there at the top. This hike can get a little crowded but closer to sunset it clears out and there’s almost always an empty enough area to capture these photos.

When you first reach the top, it opens to this incredible view off to the right. You can see the mountains, water, and the sun casting the most beautiful glow in the distance.

Crouching Lion Mountain Elopement

Once you catch your breath and take in the initial view, there’s a very short walk to the next spots, adventuring deeper into the cliffs. There’s really so much to explore once you get to the top and multiple options of directions to walk in!

A Crouching Lion elopement really is for the adventurous, as there’s so much to see and so many unique photo opportunities.

Then, when you think it can’t get any more beautiful, the sun begins to dip below the mountains. This is the result:

Crouching Lion Mountain Elopement

There are so many varieties of light and location at this Crouching Lion Elopement spot. It’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a simple and intimate elopement with you and your loved one!

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Dress: Eleanor’s Bridal

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