La Pietra Wedding – Sean & Jacqueline

December 16, 2021

La Pietra girls school, nestled just below Diamond Head, can also be rented out as a wedding venue. Finding a European wedding venue on Oahu is not easily done. There are a few options that come close (check out 53 By the Sea) but La Pietra takes the cake. This estate used to be part of Dillingham Ranch but was then converted to an all girls school and is used to this day. It is an exclusive venue to book for weddings because they only allow so many throughout the year.

Before we get into the gallery, a little more about the venue! Pricing for a La Pietra wedding on Oahu starts at $2500 for four hours, plus $600 for each additional hour. If you are planning to have over 100 guests, the price jumps to $3500 for four hours plus $750 for each additional hour. Renting police officers is required, and over 50 vehicles means you must pay for valet service. Take these extra fees into account when planning your wedding at La Pietra!

Because there is no “getting ready space” at La Pietra, and each additional hour is quite pricey, most people get ready at a hotel suite. Sean and Jacqueline chose to get ready not too far away.

The good, the good, and more good

After getting ready with their loved ones, we headed over to the venue! La Pietra is truly stunning from the moment you drive up. It’s like entering a world outside of Oahu! We drove up the magical tree covered winding drive up to the school front and was met with an old-world European vibe.

The great part about La Pietra is that if you book an extra hour or two prior to the wedding, you can still do a first look and a few quick getting ready shots! So that’s exactly what we did. Candids are beautiful at the venue. The bride and groom hung out, we were able to snap some shots, and they were able to set up the ceremony site. Quick tip for couple: enjoy the little moments. Wedding days fly by so quickly.

Ceremony in the Courtyard

Ceremony time! As the guests arrived, we made our way over to the ceremony site. Now the only thing I will say is that getting married with the iron gate behind you is very beautiful. If I could advise couples one way or the other, I’d probably suggest turning the whole ceremony around. But of course the entire courtyard is beautiful and it can go either way.

Jacqueline and Sean shared emotional vows and the weather was perfect for their ceremony!

La Pietra Reception on the Lawn

After the ceremony was party time! This couple chose to focus more on partying with their friends than a drawn out couples session. We have to respect that! But the couples photos we did get are just as beautiful as the rest of the wedding. View highlights from the rest of the night below:

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