February 15, 2022

Ka’ala Vista Oahu – New Wedding Venue

Ka’ala Vista Oahu deserved its very own blog post. It’s one of the most incredible wedding venues I’ve seen on Oahu. Truly something straight out of a magazine. And the best part is? I have the inside scoop on all the details that made this venue possible! It’s still in the process of being finished, but I was able to snag a few photos of the property to show the direction it’s going. Dane and Jen were one of the first couples to be married at this incredible brand new Oahu wedding venue and even partially finished, it was absolutely stunning. Contact the owners to get in touch!

Driving into the property is fun, albeit a little confusing. Directions were out of a Hitchcock film (drive past the cemetary) but as long as you’re paying attention while driving, you’ll get there. Having a unique experience for guests attending is key to a successful wedding. It can produce stories to tell for years to come.

Ka’ala Vista sits atop an expansive valley with mountains lining the horizon. Built on farmland, the property is filled with plants and trees breathing purpose and life into the island. It truly feels like a step out of the every day hustle of Oahu and into a serene experience atop a hill. It’s such a blessing that this slice of paradise was made to be an Oahu wedding venue.

Ka’ala Vista Booking Details

Here are the details if you’re thinking off booking your wedding at Ka’ala Vista. When booking, you get access to the entire property. Nothing is “extra” and there are no hidden fees. Used most often for ceremonies is the deck. If you were having an elopement you really could get creative as the entire property is gorgeous!

The Deck

The deck is 40’x24′ overlooking the most stunning view. It extends out 52′ and its lowest point is 25′ high. This area includes electrical power, a standard size refrigerator, solar tiki torches and string lighting. Holding their wedding on the Deck, Jenn and Dane used the back portion for their reception area. The bright blue is a little overwhelming, I would love to see this area painted a more neutral color. If I were getting married at Ka’ala Vista Oahu, I would have cocktail hour on the grass while staff switched the ceremony area to the reception area. Who doesn’t want to have their full wedding overlooking the most beautiful view at sunset?

The Yard

Measuring 75′ by 48′ the yard is a large and open grassy area right next to the deck/ The yard also extends 192′ up grass incline to the hut and is 27′ wide. Plenty of room to get creative if you are needing more space. If not, it’s just a great location for couples photos!

The Hut

I’ve seen picnics held at the hut, but my couple and I also came to this area to take some photos! It’s such a cute space surrounded by nature that could be utilized in many ways. measuring 24′ by 16′ the space includes a sink and electrical power.

Each space is customizable, with breathtaking views of Mount Ka’ala and its rugged, country terrain, along with a tropical Hawaiian garden throughout the venue and multiple photo op spots.

Ammenities/Bridal Suite

Amenities include one bathroom and one utility room. This area has a sink and lots of counter space that can be used as a bridal suite or vendor prep space. Exciting upgrades are still being built but the space is already large, modern, and beautiful!

Ka’ala Vista Pricing

Pricing for a wedding at Ka’ala Vista Oahu begins at $750 for elopements, up to $4700 for the full day premium package. You get use of the space from 8am to 10pm and the full capacity off the venue is 100 people (not including vendors). Parking is ample, but the best part is that rehearsal dinner is included in your package! I don’t know of any other venue that includes that.

Additionally, half-day mid range packages are available for weddings under 65 people. There is a 10% Kama’aina discount for those who live in Hawaii.

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