The Casino San Clemente Wedding

December 4, 2022

The Casino San Clemente Wedding Venue is in fact, not a casino! It is an old dance hall that holds a rich history and deep old-world aesthetic just steps away from the beach. Although there is a small bridal suite for brides at this venue, we high recommend renting an Airbnb, hotel room or house for better lighting and more space. However, there is an option that has great lighting for one bride or groom to get ready in that doubles as an indoor welcome space for guests.

Pricing is very reasonable for this gem in San Clemente! Full property buyouts start at $4700 on weekdays.

Outdoor Courtyard Wedding Party Photos

This area doubles as a beautiful gathering area for cocktail hour. If I was planning this wedding and the guest count was on the smaller end, I’d put dinner in this area as the lighting indoors (and carpet) is not the best. But if the guest count is high, this is a fun cocktail area and the indoor area definitely works!

We used the courtyard to take some groom and family photos, and the back lawn (ceremony area) to take bridal party photos. Both were aesthetically pleasing and had beautiful lighting. We loved that in post-processing both areas matched and looked great in the final gallery.

Rock Garden Ceremony at The Casino San Clemente

Wow! What a gorgeous area to hold a ceremony. Although the lighting was direct, it was so even we didn’t even mind. Take a look and see what you think. Would you have your ceremony here? Once again you’ll notice that at The Casino San Clemente Wedding Venue the whole location meshes together to create such a cohesive gallery. It was hard to pull out just a few ceremony photos as there were too many beautiful ones!

Couples Photos at The Rock Garden

We started couples photos in the same area we did bridals and the ceremony! The Rock Garden has so many fun little areas to explore even though it’s intimate and small. After that we ventured outside the venue and made our way down to the beach. We did need a total of about 20 minutes to go to the beach, take photos, and come back! But we ended up sneaking away while everyone was being seated for dinner and nobody even noticed we were gone. The beach light near sunset was unreal, I would highly recommend anyone getting married here make the walk down to the beach for those quick photos!

Reception Photos in the Main Ballroom

And last but not least, the gorgeous reception photos in the main ballroom. The velvet backdrop for cake cutting made for such a vintage nostalgic feel. We loved this couples micro-wedding cake as well! Such a love-filled day we were honored to capture each element of this wedding day and curate it into their gallery. This was only a small sample of their images! Congratulations Jody and Justin, we wish you nothing but the happiest marriage and life!

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