Every Luxury Loving Couple Needs to See This Modern City Editorial in Honolulu, Hawaii

July 22, 2022

Short white dresses, history filled buildings and mod aesthetics have been trending all over the internet. This is why we feel that every luxury loving couple needs to see this modern city editorial in Honolulu, Hawaii. With a few small details your couples or engagement shoot can hit all the marks. You can have that Pinterest worthy photo! It’s all about the styling which is why we’ll take you through what details made Sophie and Chico’s couple’s shoot so noteworthy.

Honolulu city couples shoot neutral colors.

Neutrals, neutrals, neutrals! I cannot stress this enough. Save that bold red floral dress for a luncheon out and opt for simple colors. Not only will they bring out your best features but will also keep the focus on you instead of your clothes.

Be sure to wear something you’re comfortable in, and flatters you from all angles. Being stuck striking one pose because the dress keeps riding up is no fun for anyone. Wear something that brings out confidence.

Dress up or dress down! Wearing dressy clothes for an engagement session can be so much fun. If you’re not a couple that dresses up, try bright blue denim and a white t-shirt. Or nude linen shorts. Keep it simple or keep it classy.

Accessorize. I cannot stress this enough. Put the extra effort in to add those little touches that will change the entire feeling of the image. Chico’s black turtleneck with the gold chain is a perfect example pushing the look just a little further. Sophie could have worn simple nude heels but instead she chose strappy white ones that really complimented her dress.

This next photo is a great example of accessorizing from a shoot.

Honolulu city bridal shoot neutral colors.

Erin added sunglasses, a white wool hat, and a mini pearl purse to her simple gown. In other words, be bold! View this Bridal Editorial.

Adding Props To Bring Modern City Editorial Photos to Life

Another great way to bring life to your photos is to add props. For instance, Sophie and Chico added both a motorcycle and film camera. This created dimension and fun elements to pose with.

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